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How to Talk So Students with an ID Can Learn

  I have always been dedicated to teaching students who were considered at-risk. My students were either learning English, having trouble reading, behind academically, and/or had a disability. Teaching special education came after teaching English Language Learners...

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One Behavioral Strategy that Worked

If there is one thing I learned teaching special education, it is that having an arsenal of strategies helps. I also learned that some of my best ideas related to this were developed on the fly when I needed them. An example of that is my coveted lotion strategy. It...

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How I Taught a Woman with Down Syndrome to Read

I would like to share a demonstration video of me working with Jennifer, a 35ish year old woman with Down syndrome, who had never been taught to read. Jennifer was difficult to motivate. To address this, I was playful and made a game of it. We also alternated between...

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