I am really excited to share some news about Austin & Lily (austinlily.com) helping students in South Africa.

Amy Conrad Stokes, the Founder and CEO of Infinite Family, is a friend of mine from high school.  So, when COVID-19 led to a lockdown in South Africa, Amy and I discussed how my educational materials could be used to help the teens in her program remotely. I am so grateful for the opportunity to support this cause.

Infinite Family (infinitefamily.com, @infinitefamily) connects Video  Mentors from the U.S. and other countries with teens in Africa. The Video Mentors inspire and prepare teens to achieve school and life success among ‘first in family’ to advance to college.

Here’s what Amy says about Austin & Lily

“Our teens speak several traditional languages in addition to Afrikaans – but we know they need to read, write and speak fluent English to be successful in most jobs. This is why we are thrilled to now have access to Austin & Lily ESL Curriculum so we can support our teens as they learn new things and continue to develop English proficiency.

Austin & Lily  ebooks provide mentors and teens with content that leads to more robust conversations and increased self-confidence very quickly. Ultimately, they help our teens in all of their classes, not just English! Our staff is made up of South Africans from the communities we serve, and they too enjoy learning new vocabulary they can teach their own children, like “pandemic” from Austin & Lily’s Stop Coronavirus eBook.

Thank you Janet Giel-Romo for creating this wonderful material!”

A one-year license to use all of our materials is only $199 a year. www.austinlily.com