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Modified Curriculum for Students with an IEP

Are you uncertain about how to support students with significant disabilities in your U.S. History class? You are not alone. Supporting students with disabilities who require modified curriculum can be challenging. A lack of time, resources, and knowledge of best practices can make this overwhelming. We have spent the last two and a half years designing modified U.S. History units using best practices to make this easy: books, printable assignments, flashcards, final exams, lesson plans and more. The very best part, is that you will lead your students with disabilities toward developing to their fullest potential.

Custom Designed For Both Teachers & Parents

Look no further. Our curriculum is very flexible and will work in any setting. We have the modified books, worksheets, and assessments you need. At the end of each unit, there is a book exam to assess learning.

Every unit is aligned with Social Studies and L.A. Standards, addresses common IEP goals, and follows best practices. It’s all done and ready for you!

L.A. Standards

Our modified U.S. History Units are Fully Developed Units that align to ELA Standards and Social Studies Standards in grades 1-12.

IEP Goals

All of our materials include U.S. History topics that address IEP goals in the context of General Education curriculum

Easy To Use

We designed materials to be super easy to use. Each page of each book (we are talking 2 to 3 sentences per page including a picture) has teachers notes that provide all the talking points needed to deliver effective instruction.

Unlimited Materials

With this license, you will have unlimited use of all of our modified U.S. History units. This includes not only the dozens of materials we currently have, but every new unit we design and add to the curriculum. They are all yours at no additional cost!

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Our U.S. History Units directly address social studies topics, reading and writing, speech and language, and missing background knowledge. Each U.S. history unit includes a book that is written using simplified language and short sentences. Each page typically has two or three sentences and a photograph to support comprehension. In addition, we have created worksheets at various levels to accommodate different learners ranging from non-readers to advanced students with an ID.

Teacher notes for each page of the e-book are provided to give ideas about how to talk about the article. The notes point out opportunities to develop problem solving and ways to engage students in conversations about the content of the article.


What grade are these materials intended for?
These materials include U.S. History topics that are found in state standards in grades 1-12th.
Is this easy to use?
Extremely. In a nutshell, you decide who will work with the student on the materials. As you teach, ask that student questions you know were covered in the modified book. Allow the student to use the worksheets included with the book in place of assignments that are not appropriate for the student. At the end of the unit, there is a book exam to assess learning.
Who will teach the modified material and how will they know how to do that?
What is nice, is that there are a lot of different ways this can be accomplished depending on the situation. We have a 6-minute video that explains how to teach this material. It can be shown to paraprofessionals, volunteers, the student’s parents, peer buddies, etc. Once they have seen the video, most people will feel prepared to work with the student. This can be worked on during resource time with a sped instructor, during academic labs, during class, or at home with parents.
Should the student only work on these materials in my class?
No, what you do is go ahead and include the student in class just like you would normally. They can still work on group projects and any assignments that are meaningful and that the student can manage. The role of the modified social studies content, is that it insures that the student has specific content to be held accountable for versus simply seeing what the student can “pick up” from the class. The worksheets included with the unit can replace assignments that would not be meaningful for your student.
How can I work better with the parents of my student?
Many parents of included students love to have materials sent home that they can work on with their child. If that is the case, I would be sure to elicit the parent’s help. If the parent is given the material before the unit starts, they can front-load the information so that the student has some background knowledge on the topic prior to class. Simply email the parent the video and print a copy of the materials to send home.
What can I do during instruction to better include the student?
Make a conscious effort to incorporate facts that the student has learned in the modified book, and ask the student questions that he/she are likely to know. For example, if you are teaching the Civil War, you could call on your student to answer the question, “Who was the president during the Civil War?” student a question about Harriet Tubman that is covered in the modified book.

things that the student has read and be able to ask the student questions in class. If this is the case for you, send a copy of the teaching materials including the teacher notes home. Throughout the unit, have the student work on different printable activities that come with the book. There is a book exam at the end of the unit to measure growth.

What if I am not satisfied?
If you are not satisfied after using our materials for 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked!

Who Can Use a License?


A license is to be used by one teacher / therapist / parent. 

The materials on this website are made available to individuals for use in classroom or individual instruction. For these purposes only, materials can be downloaded, printed and/or copied by the individual for all of their students or clients. Use by more than one individual will require a license for each person.

We do monitor the number of “hits” associated with each subscription, and excessive use can result in an account suspension.

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I am pleased to positively endorse Janet Romo’s books from Austin & Lily Solutions. What I have discovered in using her books is, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. My group’s reading levels range from 1st grade to 5th grade. With that being said, Janet’s books are working positively for each of them individually and as a reading group as a whole. Janet’s topics are age-appropriate for adults. The first book we used was on Taylor Swift. Because she has chosen interesting and applicable topics, my clients have embraced her books and in addition, they now have subject matter to discuss and have conversations about. A win/win as far as I am concerned! I highly recommend Janet’s series of books. I am so grateful someone has finally developed reading material that appreciates and embraces how those who have intellectual disabilities learn and comprehend!

Jill Pearns

Special Education Consultant

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