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Specially designed for students with intellectual disabilities.

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Click on the image to open our Level One unit on the White House. This unit discusses the White House and the fact that the president’s family lives there. It is in Washington, D.C. and has many rooms. There is a quiz at the end of the book, lesson plans, and worksheets.
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thumb_03_60_60Patricia Villescas

Special Education Teacher

I was totally blown away by the Austin and Lily “Exceptional News” books.  The format is so different than anything I have seen offered elsewhere.  It is exactly what a self-contained class with intellectually disabled students of all ranges and abilities can actually use.

thumb_01_60_60Gerald Neal

Special Education Teacher

“I totally love the curriculum! My students get current information that is relevant to them and their peers. There are great graphics of things they see in real life. The history curriculum is fun and informative. Austin & Lily is definitely the best I’ve encountered (and I’ve seen a lot).”

thumb_02_60_60L. Redondo

Special Education Teacher

“I love Austin & Lily’s units!! The books on birds are extremely interesting and attractive. My student “L” is learning so much about our flying (and flightless) birds. She was most impressed with the Vertebrates lessons! WOW … what an eye opener.”


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